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Our Story

Humbly founded in 2006, Youngandhealthy® is a homegrown Singapore brand set up to help customers to precisely identify their health concerns and prescribe the appropriate treatment products. We help our clients better manage persistent illness, such as metabolic diseased (high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes) and common health problems such as constipation, weak immunity system and insomnia. 

Today, with the bold vision of redefining how consumers view, purchase and use healthcare products, we continue to be committed to providing top quality healthcare products that combines the healing properties of natural ingredients for our customers that tackle digestive and anti-aging issues.

The Founder

Kelvin Koh

Cellular Anti-Aging Life Coach. Scalar Energy Specialist.

Geopathic Stress and Chakra Master.

Kelvin Koh, a trailblazer in the health and wellness industry, embarked on his journey in 2005, establishing YOUNGANDHEALTHY® with a mission to redefine health through innovative approaches. His foray into the industry was catalyzed by exposure to prominent multi-level marketing companies specializing in health products. This experience ignited a passion within Kelvin, leading him to immerse himself in the study of the human body and the development of groundbreaking supplement products.


As a diagnostic expert, Kelvin addresses health issues at their roots, offering a unique perspective on wellness. YOUNGANDHEALTHY® boasts three world-class products that have become paramount for bodily health. FIBRETOX targets digestive health, GEN CAP addresses anti-aging concerns, while REGEN focuses on skin and bone issues.


Kelvin's commitment to holistic health goes beyond product development. Recognizing the limitations of traditional medicine, he offers tailored programs for common ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, gout, thyroid disorders, insomnia, prostate enlargement, and chronic kidney disorders.


In 2018, Kelvin underwent transformative training under the esteemed Dr. Jerry Tennant at the Integrated Health Conference and Biomodulator Training in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Tennant, a renowned ophthalmologist and alternative medicine expert, influenced Kelvin's approach, emphasizing the importance of voltage for cell regeneration and advocating for functional health products over conventional medications, which has many side effects. 


Kelvin's dedication to advancing his knowledge led to his acceptance as a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in 2021. A4M, a global leader in medical education, recognizes Kelvin's commitment to longevity medicine, metabolic resilience, and whole-person care.


A testament to his pursuit of excellence, Kelvin stands as the sole representative from his region to attend the exclusive Dr. Jerry Tennant 2023 Masters Conference, an annual event held in November.


Proudly donning the title of Holistic Anti-Aging Life Coach, Kelvin Koh distinguishes himself by delving into the cellular level of health. His approach involves not only treating illnesses but also preventing age-related conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's by stimulating cell regeneration. Kelvin's philosophy recognizes that every day, 50 billion cells die, underscoring the critical importance of proactive health measures.

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