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Detox and Revitalise with Fibretox® & Gen Cap®.
Discover the amazing results in just 15 days!

 All Natural Ingredients

By targeting the body's central digestive system and strengthening our organ health, we believe in functional products that combines the healing properties of natural ingredients.

Prescribed medication causes harmful side effects to our body, damages our organ health, and will eventually lead to kidney and liver failure. Unlike these synthetic drugs, we do not treat the symptoms but the cause of your illnesses.


We provide an alternative medication. For a younger and healthier living.

Empower your health today.


Young and Healthy Fibretox® is fast becoming the daily supplement needed to cleanse and detoxify our bodies. It is specially formulated to simply aid in the digestion, enhances absorption of good nutrients and promotes weight loss.


Gen Cap®

Paired with the Young and Healthy Gencap®,  formulated with the combination of the most powerful natural human growth hormone releasers and fat burner, you will be able to achieve slimmer and firmer body, youthful skin, stronger immune system, stimulate hair growth and many more.



 Charmaine, 34

Being a light sleeper, I always have lack of sleep. I will feel very restless the next day. After taking Gen Cap, it gave me more quality sleep and I have better energy level to work."

 Kaylene, 31

"I have serious constipation issues. Lucky to come across Fibretox, I do not face constipation any more. I feel safe to take Fibretox as it does not contain laxatives which other detox teas and coffees in the market do."

Siti, 43

"My sugar level has dropped significantly after taking 2 months of Fibretox and Gen Cap."

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